5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Loving yourself is not the same thing as conceit or self-absorption. It means knowing and valuing your worth. Treat yourself like a treasure. You can't expect others to value you if you're not valuing yourself. Don't know where to start? Here are 5 tangible and concrete things you can do to plant the seeds of self love.

  1. Be kind. Post a list of positive affirmations some place where they'll be visible and read them aloud to yourself at least 3 times daily, preferrably in the morning and before you go to bed.

  2. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude, Write three statements of gratitude daily. They can be the same things every day if they need to be, but write them down, every day for a month.

  3. Forgive Yourself. We've all done things we're not particularly proud of. Youre human; you've made mistakes in the past and you'll make mistakes in the future, but shame is a happiness killer. Slay the shame dragon and let go of old disappointments Chances are you've been punishing yourself for years. Release failures and make amends, whether it be with others or yourself.

  4. Invest Wisely. Invest in an activity that brings you joy. Maybe it's an art class or planning more time with your kids. Perhaps it's dipping your toes in the ocean. Identify one thing that brings forth a smile from deep inside you and plan to do it in the next 30 days. Share your joyful moments and come back to share how they made you feel once you've completed them.

  5. Nourish your Environment. It's no wonder you're starved if you're filling your time with empty relationships. Stop the conversations and leave the environments that diminish you and replace them with ones that will feed elevate your soul. For every negative relationship that cannot be eliminated (a horrible boss, for example), identify two others that you can lean into for support. They key is to try to bring things into balance.

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