All workspaces are stressful. Knowing how to navigate complex conversations is a critical skill that many employees lack. 

We provide a proven, time-limited process to assist employers with improving team dynamics and interpersonal communication among your employees.  


Every step of the way, we'll help you to define benchmarks and measure results. Our goal is to support you in driving better business outcomes and increased employee morale.

For managers and leaders who desire a more personal, ongoing approach, individual professional coaching services are available.

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Thought-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Appreciation at Work 

Teams that Thrive

Most people are not happy in their jobs; they don't feel valued or appreciated and that has a direct impact on productivity and costly turnover. Most employee appreciation programs are not effective. We know why and can help you address that. Create a more positive culture, while reducing cynicism, sarcasm, and apathy. This process has high impact and is tailored to meet your team's needs.

Corporate Coaching Sessions

The Vibrant Workplace

This development program explores the dynamics underlying the most common obstacles to building positive workplace cultures and provides resources to overcome each challenge. Taking a Strength's Based approach, we'll establish your organization and team baselines. From there, we'll formulate a plan and process to align your culture, employee needs and wants with your mission, vision, and values. Get in touch today and start making a difference in your team's dynamics.

Culture Coaching

The Toxic Workplace

Many departments experience the reality of bulling, poisonous people, and soul-crushing cultures on a daily basis. The physical and mental health impacts of the toxic workplace are well documented.  Together we'll take a deep and candid look at what you're experiencing and how to instill resilience, improve interpersonal dynamics, and build a  thriving and productive workgroup. These coaching sessions include a Survival Guide and Toolkit full of strategies and realistic insights.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”

Joseph Campbell

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